Women's Spirit (Ruach Nashit)
"I'm financially independent, there's no doubt about it. I no longer need financial support.. I make a very nice living on my own, but I never forget where I came from and the amazing journey I went through"  

Sagit, an independent lawyer


Women's Spirit works to promote the economic independence of women survivors of violence in Israel and strives for social change from a feminist perspective and commitment to social and gender justice. 


Women’s Spirit has been recognized for its role as a world leader in the field of violence against women and has been accorded the status of Special Advisor to the United Nations Economic-Social Council (ECOSOC) of the UN in 2019. The receipt of this status constitutes international recognition of Women’s Spirit’s activities in working for the good of women survivors of violence in Israel and as a unique model for working with women who have managed to extract themselves from the vicious cycle of abuse – by developing economic independence.


Women's Spirit focuses on rewriting the story of women survivors of violence – raising awareness to the systematic injustice keeping women in poverty and danger: we recently co-founded a multicultural coalition, to advance women's financial security; we talk about the financial needs of violence survivors – in the media, through advocacy work and public rallies; we partner with organizations to operate new programs for women across Israel; we work to give a voice to women survivors of violence and a future of NO Violence.



  1. Providing tools, knowledge and support for the development of economic independence and personal development of women survivors of violence in all its forms; Creating opportunities to promote their needs in society and employment.

  2. Development of an infrastructure for cooperation between women survivors of violence and the community.  

  3. Raising public awareness of the condition and status of women survivors of violence. We work to change policies and structural barriers that make it difficult for women survivors of violence to achieve economic independence, as well as to gain legal recognition of the concept of economic violence.


Women's Spirit assists women survivors of violence to develop financial independence and occupational security. Since our founding in 2007 we have assisted over 2,800 women survives of violence. We believe that the link between financial dependence and violence (physical, sexual, economic and mental) against women is crucial and therefore the departure of women from the cycle of violence involves the establishment of their financial independence.  

Women's Spirit Bridal Boutique

The beautiful bridal boutique of Women’s Spirit is not to be missed! It is operated by volunteers and offers bridal gowns for sale which have been donated by designers and brides. It combines the sale of bridal gowns with social awareness and activities and all income generated by the boutique is dedicated to help women survivors of violence reach economic independence.

Women's Spirit marked it's 10th year anniversary with an Academic - Professional - Social Conference:
Economic Abuse
Characters, Patterns and Tools

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Women's Spirit is a publicly recognized Non-Profit.