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Conference presentations

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Economic abuse is invisible to the eye; it has no language and there is no law against it, but it affects thousands of people around the world every year. Economic abuse is the use of money and resources as a sanction, a threat or as means of control over someone; it is the “invisible weapon” in an abusive relationship and it is one of the main reasons there is difficulty in leaving the cycle of abuse.

Understanding and treating economic abuse is critical in the battle against domestic abuse and the rehabilitation of its survivors, as they break the cycle of abuse.

Women's Spirit is pleased to invite you to our International Conference on Economic Abuse, where together with leading organizations from around the world we will discuss the phenomenon and what we can do to stop it.

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Tamar Schwartz, CEO, Women's Spirit, Israel


Dr. Merav Shmueli, Director of Policy and Legislation, Women's Spirit, Israel

Opening Remarks


Dr. Kathryn Royal, Research Officer, Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA), England

"What We Know About Economic Abuse? Findings from a Global Study"

Whilst economic abuse in the context of intimate partner violence has previously been understood as a form of psychological or emotional abuse, a recent growth in evidence has demonstrated that it is a distinct form of abuse, rarely occurring in isolation and taking place in the context of coercive control. This presentation will share key findings from Surviving Economic Abuse’s study into what is known globally about the prevalence and nature of economic abuse, as well as responses in policy and across different industries.



Rebecca Glenn, Founder and CEO of the Centre for Women’s Economic Safety, Australia

"Economic Abuse in Australia - Response of Banks and Government"

An overview of developments in relation to Australian Government and Financial sector responses to economic abuse. She’ll share some of the world-leading initiatives being undertaken by financial institutions and new legislation that tries to address economic abuse as part of coercive control.


Prof. Dalit Yassour-Borochowitz, Emek Yezreel College, Israel

"Economic Abuse in Israel - No Law? No Remedies?"

The current situation in Israel regarding Economic Abuse, describe the existing (very few) remedies, and elaborate on the lack of a law that will help regulate the protection of the survivors' rights.


Round Table

Impact of Laws to Halt Economic Abuse:


  • Nicola Eccleton, Social Inclusion Manager, Good Shepherd, New Zealand


  • Rebecca Glenn - Founder and CEO of the Centre for Women’s Economic Safety, Australia

  • Dr. Merav Shmueli, Director of Policy and Legislation, Women's Spirit, Israel

Rosy Miller-Minster, MSW - Director of Professional Services , Women's Spirit, Israel

"HERSTORY - Women's Spirit Work with Women Survivors of Abuse"

Women's Spirit's unique model is based on the guiding principle of equality and that change includes a long-term relationship of building self-empowerment processes and achieving financial independence.

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Ronit Kfir


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